Who doesn’t love to cozy up to a warming bowl of soup? And that too if it is a bowl of incredibly comforting, light and delicious umami flavored vegetable ramen, who could deny having it? It is such a healthy, wholesome, filling and satisfying meal. Also, slupring the noodles as they whip across the chin and nose, splattering drips of flavor infused broth every which way makes it epically fun to eat. I always wanted to make ramen at home but making ramen from scratch is pretty darn elaborate. But this recipe here is a lightened version of the authentic ramen which comes together in less than an hour and is full of japanese flavors and nourishing ingredients that will make you feel good about having a bowl. Continue reading “VEG RAMEN BOWLS”


Peaches are stunning these days! Be it grocery stores or farmers market, peaches are popping up everywhere. Biting into a fresh peach is unparalleled for the ultimate summer experience. Peaches are luscious and juicy but when grilled, they caramelize and the smoky taste makes the fruit come to life. I love mixing cocktails with fresh fruits and herbs and this concoction made with grilled peaches, thyme, honey and whiskey is outright a smashing summer refreshment. Continue reading “GRILLED PEACH COCKTAIL”


Potatoes I feel are one of the most versatile root vegetables in existence. One can never go wrong while cooking with potatoes. And when it comes to appetizers and sides, chances are pretty high that there’s always a potato based dish you absolutely love. I have till now shared two of my favorite potato sides on my blog – baked fries and mashed potatoes. So now here’s another one to add to my list; smashed potatoes with avocado basil pesto. Continue reading “SMASHED POTATOES WITH AVOCADO BASIL PESTO”


Is there such a thing as too much ice cream??? Also does anyone want to take a moment to appreciate the person who discovered that blending frozen bananas along with different fruits creates this incredibly creamy and extremely healthy alternative to the regular ‘not so healthy’ ice cream? I know, I definitely do! So lets forget the sugary, dairy filled ice cream and jump on board the nice cream train. Continue reading “STRAWBERRY BASIL NICE CREAM”


Nothing screams summer like a bowl of fresh salad bursting with incredible flavors. Salads are my go to during these warmer days. Few days back I made this colorful and vibrant salad with carrot & ginger dressing which is a great combination of sweet and savory, is quick and easy to make with no cooking involved and perfect to enjoy all the produce that’s in season now. Continue reading “SUMMER SALAD WITH CARROT GINGER DRESSING”