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Sweet, juicy and delicious summer corn is everywhere! I see tall piles of locally grown corn whenever I go to the farmers market. However sadly with we heading towards fall, there are just a few days left for us to enjoy sinking in our teeth into a earful of plump kernels bursting with flavors. I usually like grilling the corn and slathering it with some roasted garlic spread or having it grilled with some olive oil, salt and pepper or at times I just like adding some boiled corn into my bowl of salad for that purest and sweetest taste. But I wanted to try something different and found a very cool way to use corn. Lately I having been making pizzas at home quite often with loads of greens and veggies. So I decided to use grilled corn as the main topping for my pizza along with some onions, zucchini, goat cheese and kale pecan pesto as a sauce. Continue reading “CHARRED CORN PIZZA”