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Roasted carrots have been my favorite snack lately. Whether you roast them with some olive oil, salt and pepper or with some herbs and butter, they always turn out to be super delicious and satisfying. I have been roasting carrots with quite a few herbs and spices combinations but this one with za’atar has been an ultimate palate pleaser. The unique earthy flavor of za’atar perfectly complements the sweet, tender and smoky flavor of roasted carrots. To lift the taste of this dish a notch up, serve it with a fresh and tangy tzatziki dip. It will complete and elevate the flavor profile of this dish. Continue reading “ZA’ATAR ROASTED CARROTS WITH TZATZIKI”


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How delectable this pie looks! Sometimes I just crave Mediterranean dishes and there is something about the fresh ingredients that go in their dishes which I find very inspiring. I love the herbs and the distinct flavors Mediterranean food encapsulates. This spinach and goat cheese pie I made follows the recipe of spanakopita with a few variations. Spanakopita is a delicious savory pie made of perfectly crispy layers of phyllo dough and a flavorful filling of spinach, herbs and feta nestled in. It’s a very famous dish around the globe. I have tried spanakopita in a couple of restaurants and have also tried making it myself twice. I have noticed a few things along the way, the major one being that I am not very fond of the strong and salty taste of feta and also that the pie should have enough amount of herbs to get that bright and refreshing flavor out. I learned lessons from trial and error, and modified my recipe to create a fail proof pie with a filling of spinach and goat cheese that is so flavorful and rich you’ll wonder why you waited so long to make it a part of your home cooking repertoire. Continue reading “SPINACH & GOAT CHEESE PIE”


Potatoes I feel are one of the most versatile root vegetables in existence. One can never go wrong while cooking with potatoes. And when it comes to appetizers and sides, chances are pretty high that there’s always a potato based dish you absolutely love. I have till now shared two of my favorite potato sides on my blog – baked fries and mashed potatoes. So now here’s another one to add to my list; smashed potatoes with avocado basil pesto. Continue reading “SMASHED POTATOES WITH AVOCADO BASIL PESTO”


Homemade mashed potatoes are an epitome of comfort food. However I have always debated about sharing a recipe of mashed potatoes on my blog since making mashed potatoes is no rocket science. All it involves is boiling the potatoes, mashing them and seasoning them. But I myself have tried making it many times and what I have learnt is following a few simple techniques while making mashed potatoes can make a world of difference to their taste and texture. Continue reading “CREAMY MASHED POTATOES”


I am obsessed with french fries. And what’s not to love about them? I know each and every one out there reading this post relishes fries as much as I do. But we all know that we are not privileged enough to eat fries everyday.. thanks to its calorie and fat content. Whenever I eat fries, I instantly go on those guilt trips and decide to not touch them for a month. Continue reading “BAKED FRIES WITH AVOCADO SAUCE AND GARLIC AIOLI”