Homemade mashed potatoes are an epitome of comfort food. However I have always debated about sharing a recipe of mashed potatoes on my blog since making mashed potatoes is no rocket science. All it involves is boiling the potatoes, mashing them and seasoning them. But I myself have tried making it many times and what I have learnt is following a few simple techniques while making mashed potatoes can make a world of difference to their taste and texture. Continue reading “CREAMY MASHED POTATOES”


Pasta and chickpeas? What a weird combination! I am sure many of you reading this post will have exactly the same question in mind. Well.. such recipes come up when you are greeted with a nearly empty fridge with just a few leftover sauces and cans of beans. But surprisingly, making dinner out of leftovers is so satisfying for so many reasons such as no pre-prep, out of the blue recipe ideas, unconventional flavors coming together and of course clutter free fridge. Continue reading “TOMATO BASIL PENNE WITH CHICKPEAS”