Colorful leaves, bushels of apples, cold zephyr and sweaters are back in season. The fragrant aromas of apple cider and hot cocoa tells you that autumn is in the air. With the temperature constantly dropping, I love wrapping my frozen fingers around a warm cocktail and remind myself that cold weather can be wonderful too. The first warm drink of the season I made is this comforting hot toddy spiced with black pepper, cinnamon and ginger. Continue reading “SPICED HOT TODDY”


Peaches are stunning these days! Be it grocery stores or farmers market, peaches are popping up everywhere. Biting into a fresh peach is unparalleled for the ultimate summer experience. Peaches are luscious and juicy but when grilled, they caramelize and the smoky taste makes the fruit come to life. I love mixing cocktails with fresh fruits and herbs and this concoction made with grilled peaches, thyme, honey and whiskey is outright a smashing summer refreshment. Continue reading “GRILLED PEACH COCKTAIL”


Water is life. A basic human body has more than 70% water content. Drinking ample amount of water regularly boosts up our overall metabolism, by flushing out toxins from our body, keeping us hydrated, and so on. But you’ve got to admit, drinking plain water is BORING. Of course, when you have a parched throat, even the idea of water is so soothing. Continue reading “SIPPING GOODNESS: INFUSED WATER CONCOCTIONS”