Who doesn’t love to cozy up to a warming bowl of soup? And that too if it is a bowl of incredibly comforting, light and delicious umami flavored vegetable ramen, who could deny having it? It is such a healthy, wholesome, filling and satisfying meal. Also, slupring the noodles as they whip across the chin and nose, splattering drips of flavor infused broth every which way makes it epically fun to eat. I always wanted to make ramen at home but making ramen from scratch is pretty darn elaborate. But this recipe here is a lightened version of the authentic ramen which comes together in less than an hour and is full of japanese flavors and nourishing ingredients that will make you feel good about having a bowl. Continue reading “VEG RAMEN BOWLS”


There’s a reason why some dishes are considered as “comfort food”. Everyone has their own list and version of comfort food. Some find comfort in a cup of hot tea or coffee after a long hard day. Some stuff their freezers with chocolate bars as a way to revive the day. While some people feel relaxed only after a plateful of greasy-cheesy food and cold beer. I have my own list too. Continue reading “VEGETARIAN PHO (VIETNAMESE NOODLE SOUP)”