There’s a reason why some dishes are considered as “comfort food”. Everyone has their own list and version of comfort food. Some find comfort in a cup of hot tea or coffee after a long hard day. Some stuff their freezers with chocolate bars as a way to revive the day. While some people feel relaxed only after a plateful of greasy-cheesy food and cold beer. I have my own list too. Continue reading “VEGETARIAN PHO (VIETNAMESE NOODLE SOUP)”


Vegetable Bogolnese! Yes, you heard it right! What comes to your mind when you think of bolognese sauce?  I  am sure, hours of sweating, sautéing and braising and the end result be the classic Italian meat sauce, bursting with flavors and the tantalizing aroma of the slow-cooked sauce generously ladled over spaghetti.. Okay! I know some of you are already hypnotized. Continue reading “VEGETABLE BOLOGNESE WITH POLENTA”


Presenting to you, a platter full of colors, flavors and lots and lots of protein (yummy and healthy at the same time!). What more do you need right? Oh of course, easy to prepare and less time-consuming… Don’t worry, I got all that covered with this winning recipe. After all, where else would you get everything good and tasty, ready in a jiffy, if not in a Mexican dish? Every time you are late from work, or tired after a busy day, or just not in a mood for cooking something complicated, you’ll want this.

Continue reading “BLACK BEAN & SWEET CORN TACOS”